Something I learned: There is no precise definition of what a tree is, either botanically or in common language which is universally accepted.

Something that made me happy: That I’m only ever gonna write one master’s thesis. It’s brutal.

(Facts from Wikipedia)



Something I learned: There is a “collection of online resources for studying the biology of human ageing” called HAGR (Human Ageing Genomic Resources). When you look up a specific genomic (?) data set, you look up HAGRID.

Something that made me happy: The above information. I’m a major Potterhead.

(Facts from the abstract of the paper HAGR: the Human Ageing Genomic Resources by João Pedro de Magalhães, Joana Costa, and Olivier Toussaint, 2005)



Something I learned: According to Wikipedia: “When trying to germinate difficult seed (e.g. certain tropical fruit), prior treatment of the soil (along with the usage of the most suitable soil; e.g. potting soil, prepared soil or other substrates) is vital. The two most used soil treatments are pasteurisation and sterilisation. Depending on the necessity, pasteurisation is to be preferred as this does not kill all organisms.”

Something that made me happy: Running. So simple, yet so efficient for stress- and anxiety relief.

(Facts from Wikipedia (21 June 2017))


Something I learned: BCE is short for “Before Common Era,” which is the exact same thing as BC (“Before Christ”), just less religious-sounding.

Something that made me happy: That Google will tell me answers to random (and sometimes silly) thing that I want to know.


Something I learned: The Wampanoag are native Americans of North America made up of several tribes. There are currently ca. 2000 Wampanoag.

Something that made me happy: Reading a good book of fiction. It’s nice to catch a break from the real world, sometimes.

(Facts from Wikipedia)