Something I learned: The term weblog was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, blog, was coined by Peter Merholz in 1999 on, appropriately enough, his blog.

Something that made me happy: Made it through my first month of this, without missing a day.

(Facts from Wikipedia)



Something I learned: The limpets’ teeth are made from the strongest (known) natural substance on Earth.

Something that made me happy: Podcasts that are super entertaining but also sneak knowledge into my head.

(Fact from The Infinite Monkey Cage on BBC 4. Series 15, episode 4: Oceans: What remains to be discovered? uploaded to iTunes 6th February 2017.)


Something I learned: The stock market will naturally have recurring all time highs, as our economic paradigm is to have inflation. While this is logical, I hadn’t actually thought about it until it was pointed out to me.

Something that made me happy: Cooking. Alone or with friends.

(Fact pointed out to me by We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast. I believe in TIP 28, published on 29th March 2015.)


Something I learned: Belgium has the smallest wage gap between the genders at 3.3%. Denmark is ranked 7th (6.3% difference), and USA is way down the list with an 18.9% difference in annual wages between men and women.

Something that made me happy: Getting shit done.

(Facts from OECD as reported by fivethirtyeight)


Something I learned: The British sales of champagne fell in 2016 – the producers blame Brexit. However, Britain is still the biggest market for export of champagne by volume.

Something that made me happy: Had a really good burrito and craft beer for dinner the other night.

(Bubbly factoid from The Daily Telegraph)


Something I learned: Nike Inc. bought Converse for US$309 million in 2003. I still think Nike is brilliantly named (after the Greek goddess of victory).

Something that made me happy: Participating in a (running) race, and seeing improved speed!

(Facts from Wikipedia)


Something I learned: It is estimated that there is a million ants for every human on Earth.

Something that made me happy: Running.

(Facts from culture page relating to documentary film festival CPH:DOX (p. 18) in the STEM newspaper Ingeniøren, 11th ed., of March 17, 2017 (website).)


Something I learned: When we wash our clothes and rags of synthetic material most of the microplastics from these (~99.7%) are collected at the wastewater treatment plants (at least in Denmark…). The, by far, largest source of pollution by microplastics are from the wearing down of car tires.

 Something that made me happy: The days are now several minutes longer than the nights.

(Facts from article “Karklude og fleecetøj frikendt for at forurene med mikroplast” in the STEM newspaper Ingeniøren, 11th ed., of March 17, 2017 (website).)


Something I learned: The first pulsar (a rotating neutron star sending signals towards Earth) was discovered in the late 1960s. The first signals was noticed in 1967, and was initially nicknamed LGM – Little Green Men – as a prevalent thought among numerous people was that it was a signal from a distant civilization due to its regularity.
However, in December 1967 and through 1968 more signals were found from other directions and soon they were established to originate from dead stars – not little green men.

Something that made me happy: Learning. And rediscovering forgotten things.

(Facts from article “Da astronomerne troede, de små grønne mænd bankede på” in the STEM newspaper Ingeniøren, 11th ed., of March 17, 2017 (website).)